Little Demon God

“Striking the clothes with blood, the sword has no trace.” Small chrysanthemum bright voice cries, the tip of the sword descends slowly, calm and steady, impressively has the spirit of a master. Pie. The masked man snorted coldly and reached out with a knife. Small chrysanthemum stands motionless, the sword is also silky motionless, it seems that I do not know the other side’s knife has come, as if not seen. Probe with a knife, of course, is a false move, in order to create a favorable opportunity to attack, test the other side’s reaction. Suddenly the wind roared and thundered, the knife suddenly changed, and the mountain of knives reached the body. The little chrysanthemum was startled, the sword moved, and the light of the sword slanted out. “Zheng,” a roar, the sword flew up. The light of the knife is like pouring down, driving straight. Xiaoju never dreamed that as soon as she touched the sword, she would be shaken away. The tiger’s mouth seemed to be cracked, and the whole right arm was numb as if it had been electrocuted. Stay under,digital interactive whiteboard, has been in a desperate situation, knife light and body. Although Liao Chiao-chiao saw the crisis, it was already too late. She fought in the dark of night, and in an instant her life and death were decided. No outsider could come. And rescue response. People who are too confident will not fail, and failure will be irreparable. Xiaoju and Liao Qiaoqiao killed seven martial arts masters in one fell swoop The killer of the Ming Dynasty still has a strong confidence in his swordsmanship. He is killing, and the opposite of killing is that he must take the risk. The risk of being killed. Liao Qiaoqiao frantically rushed to the rescue and hit seven swords like a storm. Bao Dao also flows like crazy, the figure quickly and peerlessly transposed,interactive panels for education, the sword touches, sending out a hair-raising shock, Dao! The wind and the sword cut the bone and the skin, and life and death are not allowed. The power of the sword is significantly weakened, and the internal force of Liao Qiaoqiao’s sword is more than twice as strong as that of Xiaoju. The figure suddenly stopped, and the wind of the sword and the wind of the sword scattered. The other two masked men and two swords took the opportunity to go behind Liao Qiaoqiao and complete the three-talent formation. Xiaoju’s body was lying outside, lying in a pool of her own blood, and she had stopped struggling. Sure enough, the old man met a real rival. The masked leader said in a deep voice that his voice was no longer stable. The hand of the knife also appeared to tremble slightly, knowing that it was very difficult to take Liao Qiaoqiao’s seven swords. Liao Qiaoqiao’s breathing was also unstable. She knew that she was trapped in the center of the other side’s sword array, and that the other side was about to attack without hesitation. You are also the strongest opponent this girl has ever met. She said calmly, “It is by no means a shameful, despicable and nameless thing.” Pawn. Show your true colors! You and I let go, in this small yard, between you and me, smart board for conference room ,interactive digital whiteboard, only one person can live, both sides. Students with genuine talent will fight to the death. “Sorry, Miss Liao.” The tone of the masked man, with obvious changes, self-confidence, pride and arrogance, and so on. It’s been swept And empty. Sorry about what? “I can’t fight you to the death.” “What do you mean?” “Old man, these people have only one purpose to do things.” “What is the purpose?” The end justifies the means. In order to do things well, all rules, personal gains and losses of fame and wealth, rationality and morality, and so on. Without consideration. Therefore, I must get things done as soon as possible. Miss Liao, you will face three people with the same martial arts skills as me. A strong enemy besieged. “This girl can handle it.” “Miss Liao, don’t try to be brave. You know better than anyone in your heart. You are just a little bit better than me. My precious sword is in a hundred.” “Within the action, I’m sure I can stop your Liao family’s swordsmanship.” “You are about to face this girl’s three swords of blood.” “You may have done your best just now.”. If necessary, I will exchange a sword with you, and the girl should know the consequences. White “Try it?” “You don’t have to try. You know I can change a knife for you.”. Young girl, do you have to do it? Let’s do this! The old man is sincere Please, ask the girl to go with me to talk with me. “Humph!”! You think so well. “The girl must understand that I must want to talk to the girl, even if the girl can be lucky tonight, the person sent in the future will be one.” The batch is more brilliant than the batch, the batch is more sinister than the batch, the open and secret arrows put incense and poison, how many times can the girl escape the catastrophe? Please girl three Think. “Where is your head?” Liao Qiaoqiao was suddenly moved. The situation was pressing, and she did not want to go home with the other side. To the end.
Xmwjw Sweeping School, Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization Old Rain Building · Yunzhongyue “Little Demon God”-Chapter 11 Yunzhongyue “Little Demon God” Chapter 11 Yu Hao jumped down from the small courtyard and smelled the pungent smell of blood. The third watch has passed, and the whole store is quiet. Other courtyards were hung with lighted lanterns, but this small courtyard did not know when it went out. He He felt his heart sink, and a wave of foreboding attacked him, and his hair stood up all over his body, feeling chilly. Dark in his heart Call: I’m afraid Miss Liao has met with an accident! Although the door of Miss Liao’s maidservant was closed, he instinctively felt that she was no longer there. It’s inside. Whether he is there or not, he has to see it clearly. As soon as he crept close to the porch, the sound of pulling the door came to his ears. It was not Miss Liao’s door that opened, but his door that opened, the light leaked out, and someone stood at the door. You just came back! The man greeted like an old friend. The light shone silver from behind the man. He went outside the East Gate to spy on the silver swordsman and ran around in the middle of the night, while the silver swordsman was waiting for him in his room. Apparently he Having lost this move, he is far behind in terms of Jianghu experience and wit. Only then did he realize the importance of experience. If he were by Yao Wenzhong’s side, he would not be in danger from time to time. If Yao Wenzhong is here, How good would that be? It’s a pity that Yao Wenzhong is not only absent, but his whereabouts are unknown. It’s you! He was surprised to stop, secretly alert: “You have ulterior motives, come here is not to wait for me, right?” “I am waiting for you.” The swordsman in silver strolled out of the corridor! This is your guest room. Don’t you come in to entertain guests? "The guest room has been replaced,smart board touch screen, and you have turned the tables.". Wait for me? What advice do you have? “Brother Yao doesn’t seem to have come back with you.” “No.” In his mind, listening to the tone of the other side, it seems that he has decided that Yao Wenzhong has not fallen into the hands of the other side. When can I return? “He didn’t stop here. He’ll come when it’s time.” He said tactfully that it was time to use dim sum here and now. hsdsmartboard.com

Super abomination

After all, it is a creature living in a very dangerous subspace, how can it be so close to human beings? But in any case, the mountain master is ready to rely on the big empty ape to fight. If you can find this kind of space fluctuation, you can not only get a reward of 300,000 experience points, but also get 300 arms materials. Thinking of this, Shan Ye’s heart is steaming hot. What a good thing it would be to have 300 hero or frost dragon materials, and then have enough experience points to train 300 six-level professionals. However, the premise is that Shan Ye can find this so-called space-like fluctuation. In order to protect the safety of the big empty ape, but also for the last glimmer of hope, Shan Ye concentrated all the arms near himself, at the same time, even the last three frost dragons were released, all the arms in the brand space appeared around, which was to take out all the assets of Shan Ye, OK, can succeed, it depends on this time. And because of the leadership of the younger brother of Teko, those senior undead with good intelligence also began to attack Shanye crazily, focusing on the space near Shanye, as long as the big empty ape dared to come out at this time,touch screen board classroom, absolutely let it come and go. Shan Ye was furious when he saw the other side like this. Die for me! Because of the existence of the old Lich, Shan Ye has not wanted to expose his cards and skills, but at this moment, absolutely can not hide. More than a hundred ferocious dragon bone meat hooks, overwhelming toward those high-level undead hooks in the past. Focus your fire on me! This is not a high-level undead, but a film of high-level undead, plus the brother of Teko, whose head is still alive, immediately discovered the shortcomings of the keel meat hook. Hook this skill,electronic board for classroom, although the standard of judgment is the strength value of the opponent. But the speed and hardness of the meat hook itself, has not been much strengthened, if the hook can be taken to the other side of the body, then the strength judgment appears, as long as the strength is lower than the mountain master, basically did not run. But before the hook is taken, the meat hook can be destroyed by a powerful attack. A single senior undead, absolutely can not be in the meat hook before the hook, the meat hook is destroyed, so that the basic hook can be judged, so that as long as it is not the main training strength of the sixth-level soldier professional, basically can not escape the mountain master’s hook judgment. But if more than a dozen high-level undead attack a meat hook together, then the meat hook simply can not withstand the intensity of the attack, will soon be destroyed by the attack. (To be continued.) 355 It is after trying to destroy a meat hook, Teko brother found this, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive flat panel display, just let the mountain master take advantage of the chaos, hook more than ten senior undead, after swallowing, the mountain master face did not have any improvement, but more gloomy. Originally thought, relying on the power of skills, should be able to delay for a moment, did not expect that guy, I do not know if intelligence has been pulled up, unexpectedly so quickly saw the shortcomings of meat hook skills. But now that this moment has come, Shan Ye does not want to continue this silly waiting to retain strength. Stomach acid spitting! Abdomen distended, Shan Ye’s body trembled slightly with black clouds, and immediately a thick green liquid with a sour smell directly covered dozens of senior undead. After the sound of “breeding”, dozens of high-level undead were all corroded and could not see their true colors. Bloody aura, green rain, meat hook, spit, devour, these skills are all used out, immediately the situation slightly stabilized for a moment. Shan Ye’s experience value at this time fell sharply again, and finally returned to the number of experience values within ten thousand. Ding! The remaining experience value is 921 3 points! Looking at the system prompt, Shan Ye’s face flickered slightly, but he still did not stop his offensive at this time. Looking at the suddenly crazy Shan Ye, Teke’s younger brother quickly saw that Shan Ye was fierce in appearance. Although this high-intensity attack can effectively suppress the approach and attack of the advanced undead, it can not cause too many casualties. Because the number of advanced undead is too much. In fact, early from the beginning of the discovery of the mountain Lord appeared in the Orc Empire, the old Lich began to quietly transfer the senior undead of the entire Orc Empire. The old Lich has been thinking about the guy who killed one of his doppelgangers.
After so many years in the dark tomb of the dragon, the already twisted character has become more surly and twisted, so for those who dare to kill their own doppelganger. The old wizard will never let it go. The senior undead of the entire orc empire, under the quiet control of the old wizard, quickly began to converge nearby. It is already prepared, the old wizard can be thousands of miles away, to deal with their own affairs, since dare to come to their own territory, it is necessary to have the consciousness of being killed by the high-level undead. Attacking the Orc Empire is a decoy to attract the attention of the mainland, and the old wizard has more important things to do. So the transfer of so many high-level undead is just an idea of the old wizard. In addition, the speed of the senior undead was not slow, and half a day ago, the gathering of the senior undead of the old wizard was over. Had it not been for the discovery of Teko’s younger brother, the old wizard would not have given the mountain master and others a chance to rush out of the canyon. Not only have these high-level undead been deployed to attack. There was also a backup undead gem, which was activated by his servant Kurt’s brother. In this gem. Sealing the old wizard’s best skill. Black clouds. Unlike Fen Shen, which is similar to a tool to improve speed, this Black Cloud skill is a complete version, a real Black Cloud skill. It not only has physical immunity, but also has the ability to improve the attack and defense of friendly units, and in an emergency. It can also consume a large number of black clouds, enhance the ability of one of his subordinates, and let him temporarily have the strength to surpass the level six professionals. Those who are above the sixth level are the legendary level. Legendary professional. Very powerful, just look at the old wizard is now the peak of legend, is about to enter the demigod realm to know,65 inch smart board, can temporarily reach the legendary realm, how difficult it is. So this black cloud skill can be said to be one of the most proud skills of the old wizard. In order to kill the mountain master, the old wizard also invested money. The situation is deadlocked. hsdsmartboard.com

Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

Monanjue’s temper, how can he tolerate others to win him. Then the thirteenth inning begins. Just confirmed Tong Ran’s worries, Su Yunfan. Be eliminated. On the huge square table, there were only two men, one in the south and one in the north. Tong Ran’s right hand in the pocket of his sweater was almost clenched white. I just hope it ends normally. As soon as it’s over, she must drag Mo Nanjue back to Dihao Longyuan. Jue Shao, it’s the last inning. “Luo Shao, it’s the last round.” The waiters on both sides gave a dedicated reminder. The meaning of the last game is that if you want to bet on the chips, you have to go all in. This is not a hard rule, but it is the default rule for people who have played for so many years. Mo Nanjue did not care about the hook of the lower lip, he looked up at Luo Xiao, reached out and pushed out all the golden chips at hand. With a crash. The chip card rolls into the brocade box in the middle. Tong Ran did not quite understand this, but she looked up slightly and glanced at the golden chips, which were printed with the words “10000000” in black. Ten million. If it is really 10 million, then there are a lot of them, at least five or six hundred million. Five or six hundred million.. This number comes to mind, and Tong Ran doesn’t even dare to think about it. This man.. A bet of hundreds of millions?! How much money does the emperor have?! On the other side, Luo Xiao’s chips were obviously not as many as Mo Nanjue’s, but they were absolutely many. Tong Ran was afraid of being discovered by Mo Nanjue,interactive whiteboard for schools, so he dared not look at them, but just glanced at them. It seems that it will never be less than 300 million. Luo Xiao touched Mo Nanjue’s eyes, and then reached out to push the chips out. There was another crash. The brocade box in the middle was filled in an instant. Mo Nanjue raised his eyebrows, and then the official last inning, the fourteenth inning, began. Two people begin to shake dice cup at the same time, also do not know is tacit understanding,interactive touch screens education, after shaking three times, stopped at the same time again. Luo Xiao smiled gently, “General Manager Mo, for the last time, you go first.” “Good.” Mo Nanjue also does not refuse, natural and unrestrained stretch out one’s hand to open dice cup. Almost without a doubt, thirty points. As many times as Mo Nanjue played in Qianhuan, there were as many thirty points. He has never made a mistake. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Mo Nanjue did not rely on cheating to shake to 30 points, this is real kungfu. But as for how he could shake it every time, no one could guess. Mo Nanjue put his hands on the edge of the table and raised his handsome face slightly. “General Manager Luo, it’s your turn.” Not only Tong Ran, at this moment, everyone’s eyes are focused on the dice cup in Luo Xiao’s hands. Luo Xiao still looked gentle and reached out to open the dice cup. It’s the same thirty o’clock. <! pbtxt_5du5> Chapter 367 the moment when the line of sight touches. (I read the full text of the novel website without a pop-up window) It’s exactly the same thirty points. Everyone stood up and looked at the long table in the center. On the five dice that Luo Xiao had at hand, interactive boards for classrooms ,75 smart board, it was clear that they were all six points. Gong Junyi gasped, he thought this was the last game, will definitely be the same as Mo Nanjue 30 points to win and then end, but did not expect. He had a sudden sense of foreboding. Mo Nanjue just raised his eyelids lightly, as if he was not surprised at all. Both sides are thirty points, and the game is tied. The waiter said and stepped forward, turned their dice back a little, then put them in the shape of a cross, and then put the dice cup respectfully at their hands. Since the points are all the same, the game can only continue. Such a situation has not happened before, we were just surprised, and then sat back on the sofa. I guess. It’s just a coincidence. That’s what almost everyone thinks. The waiter counted the chips again, wrote down the numbers in the book, and then bent down respectfully: “Jue Shao, Luo Shao, the fifteenth inning, now officially begins.” Mo Nanjue raised his eyebrows. Luo Xiao nodded his head gently. Then, two slender right hands held the dice cup with gold rim at the same time! Mo Nanjue’s left hand supported the edge of the mahogany table. Luo Xiao carried his left hand behind his back.
Both of them raised their heads at the same time. At the moment when the line of sight touches each other, there is a kind of fire called danger that explodes with a bang. And then, instantly ignited! The waiter who was standing at the table felt the strange atmosphere of aggression and could not help but step back! As if this is not a gambling game, but a silent battlefield filled with smoke! Everyone’s heart was lifted! Tong Ran sat on the soft and comfortable sofa, with moderate heat and cold in the box, but she seemed to be in the stove, trembling and sweating all over her body! The white fingers held the glass tightly in their hands. All the people present, whether they were watching the play or complimenting her, could not defeat the anxiety in her heart! On this side, the two men, who were stared at by countless eyes, just looked at each other like this. Jue, Jue Shao.. Although the waiter was very afraid, out of professional standards, he had to remind him aloud, “Jue Shao, the fifteenth inning has begun.” Mo Nanjue’s charming thin lips lightly hooked, the line of sight suddenly withdrew, and then, without warning, began to shake the dice cup in his hand! Almost at the same time, Luo Xiao also withdrew his line of sight and shook his right hand quickly! The tense atmosphere of a box was instantly replaced by the sound of throwing dice that resounded through the whole Qianhuan! But five seconds later, the crackling stopped. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, whoosh, it’s finally over, if you shake it a little longer,65 inch touch screen, people with heart disease will definitely go to the hospital. The waiter stepped forward and said, “The fifteenth round is over. Please open the dice cup.” Both of them raised their right hands at the same time. At that moment, the atmosphere in the box was suddenly pushed to the peak! Everyone patted the sofa and stood up! Tong Ran was dumbfounded and looked at the dice on both sides of the long table in disbelief. Points. The points are still the same! The dice at the hands of Monanjue and Brother Luo are all five sixes! It’s still thirty! It’s exactly the same as the last 15 innings. hsdsmartboard.com

Gold and jade for sugar, turn a vinegar king Xu Chengyue

After the bath, the long satin hair scattered behind him swung around, rippling with a poisonous and charming fragrance that tickled people. Yunlie, who was following behind her, clenched his hands hanging down at his side with torment and silently warned himself to exercise restraint. Anyway, after the big wedding, we can “do this and that” openly. So, what are the people of Shaofu procrastinating?! It has been more than three months since we prepared for the big wedding ceremony, and the progress is so slow that people are angry! Sitting on the edge of the bed, Yunlie’s eyes and heart flashed, and the plan came to mind. When Luo Cuiwei came over to take off his shoes and go to bed, he pretended to stretch his long legs carelessly and kicked her toes neither lightly nor heavily. Luo Cuiwei was completely unprepared, and the whole person threw himself into his arms. He endured the pain of the wound, hugged her and fell to the bed, slightly deviated his face, and his thin lips were very “innocently” pressed by the soft red lips. Yunlie clasped her waist and closed her eyes. After the pain of the wound, she pressed her thin lips against her lips and secretly raised a cunning arc. “This is the mouth you moved first.” “It was an accident.” Luo Cuiwei was a little confused for a moment, and worried that he would bump into his wound, so he struggled gently to get up. But after a whirl, the scene became that she was pressed on the bed. Yunlie put his hands on her side, and the handsome face of Yinglang, which was slowly pressed down,smartboards for business, cast a clearer and clearer reflection in her eyes. Luo Cuiwei was dumbfounded, watching him like a lazy beast stealing his mouth, slowly lowering his head and imprinting his thin lips on her lips. Between the gentle and loving tossing and licking, I heard him laugh intermittently and vaguely, “You press me..” I can’t resist.. So, ten carts of grain, thank you. “You are.” Luo Cuiwei wants to argue. But as soon as she opened her mouth, she let the cunning enemy of “thief shouting to be a thief” take advantage of the situation. The hot and wet entanglement soon made her throw away her armor. One is "no evil,classroom interactive whiteboard, no business", while the other is “never tired of cheating”, which is true. Meet your match. On June 18, the subordinate officer of Shaofu came to Zhaowangfu according to the contract and presented the wedding dress to Luo Cuiwei and Yunlie. Yunlie’s injury did not recover well, but he still had to hold on to his spirit in front of outsiders. Fortunately, he used to keep a straight face in front of others, and Luo Cuiwei made a sound to deal with the scene, but the subordinates of Shaofu also felt that he was different. After that, the subordinate officer of Shaofu presented the list of auspicious days listed by Taichang Temple. According to the rules, after discussing with Luo Cuiwei, Yunlie will choose the wedding date from these auspicious days, and Shaofu will submit it to Your Majesty Zhu for approval. Before the Linchuan war was uncertain, no one was sure when Yunlie would return to Beijing, so the matter of choosing a day was always under pressure. It was also after Yunlie sent someone to send the news to Emperor Xianlong that he had returned to Beijing yesterday that Emperor Xianlong ordered Taichang Temple to immediately ask for an auspicious day. The latest date on the list is June 27, after the eighth. It is advisable to marry, smart board whiteboard ,86 smart board, make an alliance, plant and pray for blessings. This is also.. It’s too hasty. Seeing Yunlie pointing to the latest date as soon as he came up, Luo Cuiwei was somewhat embarrassed. Although after more than three months of preparation, it can be said that everything is ready, but there is no rush, can choose the day so close, the total can not help but seem a little impatient. Yunlie slowly turned his head to glance at her and whispered very frankly, “I’m in a hurry.” These eight days, he felt extremely long. Luo Cuiwei rolled her eyes helplessly, turned her red face to one side, and let him go. So the wedding day was officially set on June 27. After the auspicious day was chosen, the two were supposed to go to the palace for an audience. However, Yunlie turned his head and asked Shaofu to present a fold into the inner city, asking Emperor Xianlong to agree that he should go to Luo Cuiwei’s parents first. Emperor Xianlong was also reasonable in this matter, knowing that he had wronged the girl of the Luo family from the beginning to the end. Besides, Yunlie had won a great victory in Linchuan, and he had to give this reward both in public and in private, so he immediately approved the request and gave the face to the Luo family. Du Fushan, a close attendant of Emperor Xianlong, personally delivered the folds approved by Zhu to Prince Zhao’s Mansion, which can be said to be quite solemn. Coincidentally, as soon as Du Fushan’s front foot left, Xiahou Ling’s back foot came. Xu’s old lady’s birthday?! Originally Yunlie just sat lazily aside, after hearing Xiahou Ling said, Luo Huai let Luo Cuiwei tomorrow to attend the birthday of the old lady of the Xu family, immediately the whole person is energetic. Xu’s home in the north of the city.
Xu Yan.. Oh, no, inkstone. Had it not been for the loss of five carts of grain, he would probably have carried Luo Cuiwei back to his bedroom and hidden him. Aware of his alert and uneasy look, Luo Cuiwei hurriedly explained with a smile, “Luo Fengming used to go, but now Luo Fengming hasn’t come back yet, so I can only count on top of him.” Had it not been for the arrival of Xiahou Ling today, she would not have remembered that tomorrow was the birthday of the old lady of the Xu family. Yunlie was still a little unhappy, but in front of Xiahou Ling, he didn’t want to say anything more, so he pursed his lips into a straight line. Master know you don’t like to walk with the Xu family, only tell you to send a birthday gift tomorrow, show a face to show our Luo family mind on the line, “Xiahou Ling to Luo Cuiwei way,” master also said, please don’t have to go with your Highness. " Luo Cuiwei nodded, “then you go back and tell my father that I will go home with your Highness in the afternoon and formally salute my father and mother.” As soon as Xiahou Ling left, Yunlie immediately could not bear to make a request. I’ll go with you in the morning. “Father specifically told you not to go with him, but he didn’t want to give the Xu family such a big face for no reason. Don’t make a mess.” Luo Cuiwei did not know that he was afraid of Xu Yan, but thought that he simply wanted to stick to her, so he patiently explained to him the secret in the middle. Although Luo Huai had a personal relationship with the Xu family, he was never a muddle-headed man. Over the years, the Xu family has rarely set foot in the business overlapping with the Luo family,digital touch screen board, not because of their deep personal friendship and modesty, but because they are afraid of the Luo family’s “richest man in Beijing” momentum and do not want to have a positive conflict of interest with the Luo family. Businessmen are the best at making use of their strength to climb up the ladder. If the news that “His Highness the King of Zhao came to the Xu family to celebrate his birthday” is spread, it will definitely push the momentum of the Xu family to a new height in a short time. hsdsmartboard.com

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He took another look at the map outlined by Xu Zhiqing. From Wuyuan in the east to Yiwu in the west, the vast expanse of land beyond Kuncang Mountain to the north was the Turkic sphere of influence. Dahua is known as the Celestial Kingdom, with vast territory and abundant resources. Compared with the Turks, it has no advantage in terms of geographical area alone. However, most of the Turkic territories are grasslands and deserts, which are separated from the land of fish and rice in Dahua. Miss Xu, I always have a question that I don’t understand. Lin Wanrong thought for a moment and said earnestly, “The land of the Turks is so big that it is almost the same as that of Dahua. How many people do they have?” Xu Zhiqing sighed slightly and stretched out four glittering and translucent fingers and shook them in front of him. Lin Wanrong looked at them in a daze: “Four hundred thousand people, so many?”? I’m afraid this battle will take years! Angry and amused, Xu Zhiqing said angrily, “Do you have any brains?”? If there were only four hundred thousand Turkic people, how bold would he be to invade the hinterland of Dahua? There seemed to be some truth in it. Lin Wanrong smiled shyly. Hu Bugui was afraid that the two of them would quarrel again. He said hurriedly, “What Miss Xu means is that there are 400,000 Turkic able-bodied men in their prime, and there are millions of ordinary people. This is the number of years ago.”. In recent years, they have defeated Tiele and Qiuci and dominated the grasslands and deserts. Power is growing rapidly, and now I don’t know how many people have increased. Four hundred thousand men? Lord Lin stuck out his tongue, which was very different from the Turks he had known in his previous life. It is clearly a great country that can almost stand up to Dahua. Brother Gao, let me ask again. "He lowered his voice and said carefully to Li Yi,smart boards for conference rooms," There are so many Turks. How many military forces have I, Dahua, stationed at the border? In my humble opinion, how can I get six or seven hundred thousand yuan? Gao Qiu shook his head slightly and looked embarrassed. Xu Zhiqing snorted, “Do you think this is a mud-kneading man? You can have as many as you want.”? We have Japanese harassment in southern China, and at least one hundred thousand troops are stationed in the southeast. And at the northern foot of the Great Wall. Three battalion soldiers total more than three hundred thousand, plus the commander in chief to the north another three hundred thousand elite,smart board interactive whiteboard, a total of six hundred thousand troops. I, Dahua, have done my best. All the able-bodied men came out and vowed to fight the barbarians to the death. Six hundred thousand Dahua elite compared to four hundred thousand Turkic fighters, simply can’t take advantage of, Kui old man also vowed to eradicate Hu Lu, Lin Wanrong shook his head with a wry smile. Looking at his helpless face. Xu Zhiqing said faintly, “In terms of the number of people, I, Dahua, have the upper hand, and we are on the defensive.”. It is not easy for the barbarians to fight a decisive battle with us. But to our disadvantage, the front line of our army is too long, the Turkic cavalry is flexible and has no worries, touch screen whiteboard ,smartboards in classrooms, only need to break through a little, our defense line will be completely ineffective. That’s what worries me most. She sighed a little, and her bright cheeks shone softly in the dusk. The faint look of worry in his eyes deeply infected everyone. The heavy burden was on the shoulders of a weak woman. It really embarrassed her. Flexible?! Miss Xu’s words seemed to remind Lin Wanrong that his heart moved and his eyes stared at Xu Zhiqing’s charming cheeks, and he froze for a moment. Brother, what’s going on? Why, you’re drooling. “Look at Lord Lin. His eyes are wide open and his mouth is round. It seems that he is a chimpanzee who has not evolved well. I don’t know what stimulated him. His eyes are staring straight at Xu Junshi. He pulls his sleeve hurriedly and reminds him in a low voice.” Oh, really? “Lin Wanrong sobered up. He wiped his sleeve at the corners of his mouth and said with a smile,” Brother Gao likes to joke. This is clearly the dew that falls at night. What does it have to do with saliva? Under normal circumstances, I will only drool when I see a beautiful woman. Brother Gao, don’t make a mistake. Gao Chieftain Hu Bugui and others burst out laughing, Xu Zhiqing slightly lowered his head, but did not forget to stare at him, pink neck faintly floating a touch of bright red, against her glittering cheeks charming and moving. When everyone had laughed enough, Lin Wanrong straightened his expression and said, “Master Xu, I don’t understand one thing.”.
The Turkic cavalry is just as flexible. Why do you say they have no worries?! “Isn’t it?!” Xu Zhiqing took a few glances at him and said softly, “I, the soldiers of Dahua, defend the city tenaciously. In order to protect the integrity of our territory, I dare not move half a minute easily. I am beaten passively everywhere.”. The Turks, on the other hand, went deep into the desert and grasslands. They did not divide the country at all, nor did they have the responsibility to defend the country. Hundreds of thousands of cavalry did not need to defend their country. They came and went as soon as they said they would. They were relieved to attack and retreat, and they firmly grasped the initiative in their hands. What else is there to worry about?! The Turks are nomadic people, and Miss Xu is right to say that they are free to come and go. Lin Wanrong nodded and said slowly, “The strategist is right. The border line of the barbarians is fluid. There is really no need to protect the land.”. But I don’t agree that they have no worries at all. Look at his eyes straight flash, with Xu Zhiqing’s understanding of him, we know that this person must have some ghost idea. There was a little hope in her heart, but her expression was as calm as water. She nodded lightly and said, “I’d like to hear more about it.” Lin Wanrong sighed, “As Miss Xu said just now, the barbarians come and go whenever they want. If there is no man’s land in or out of Dahua, why?!” “Probably because they are strong.” Hu Bugui whispered. Lin Wanrong shook his head: “No matter how strong the strength is, I will not take Dahua as a soft persimmon.”. As far as I can see, the reason why the barbarians are free to come and go is caused by our own conservative decision-making, blindly taking a defensive position, he does not bully you to bully who? To put it crudely, this is the result of our indulgence of them, and we have only ourselves to blame. Really very ugly, don’t Miss Xu and General Lin quarrel again, Du Xiuyuan carefully look at General Lin, and then look at Xu Zhiqing,smartboard for business, heart at sixes and sevens. “Brother Lin,” Gao said doubtfully, “I don’t understand what you’re saying. The Turks are invading our frontier. Don’t we defend the city? They are so powerful that it should be good for us to avoid their edge and defend the city. It should be similar to Gao Qiu. ”https://www.hsdsmartboard.com/showroom/75-inch-multi-writing-touch-screen-interactive-whiteboard-smart-white-board.html">hsdsmartboard.com

Chu Liuxiang Series Blood Sea Fragrance

The eighth chapter is the clear breeze and bright moon The ninth chapter beauty disaster water Chapter 10 where is Qing? Chapter 11 the play of Banyu. Chapter 12 alone in Wulin Chapter 13 Three Snake Soup Chapter 14 Soul Catching County. Chapter 15 Lovers’ Letters Chapter 16 wonderful hatred without flowers Chapter 17 a knife against the wind. The eighteenth chapter reverses all living beings Chapter 19 a higher move. Chapter 20 Tianfeng Shilang Chapter 21 Lady of the Sect Leader Chapter twenty-two friends guard the enemy Chapter 23 brother killed his brother. Chapter 24 go south to pursue the murderer Chapter 25 Master Tianfeng Chapter XXVI Solemn Law The twenty-seventh chapter cuts oneself to thank. Title < < Old Rain Tower · Gu Long “Chu Liuxiang Series · Blood Sea Fragrance” — — Chapter 1 White Jade Beauty > > Gu Long’s Chu Liuxiang Series: Fragrance in the Sea of Blood Chapter One White Jade Beauty Wen Jun has a white jade beauty, carved by wonderful hands, extremely milky, I yearn for it. Tonight the son is, when step on the moon to take, junsu Yada will not make me go back and forth in vain. The note was now spread out on the polished marble table, and the light from the pink veil caught the pale blue paper. Reflect into a kind of wonderful strong purple, also make that quite beautiful handwriting look more elegant and full of sprinkling. There was no name on the letter, but it had the fragrance of tulips. Qi. This misty and expectant fragrance is enough to show that the note of Da Feng is descriptive. The person who received this note was Jin Banhua, the son of a wealthy family in Beijing. He was sitting at the table at the moment, and the picture was clean and beautiful. Gas, maintain a very good face, as if someone had cut a knife like a painful contorted eyes staring at this note, as if staring at Yan. Wang’s arrest. In the exquisite flower hall. Still have 3 people, one expression is fierce, the old man in brocade clothes of beard hair alone carries both hands on the back, come in the hall. I don’t know how many times I’ve been pedaling back and forth, but I’m afraid I can walk from Beijing to Zhangjiakou. The other cheekbone is hunched From now on, the man in black,large artificial blossom trees, with his eyes like an eagle, was sitting beside the golden companion flower, and his hands were caressing the sealed steel palace on the table. Pen. Dry, long, knobbly fingers look like fine steel in the light. The two men’s faces were also very heavy and sharp. His eyes looked from the window to the door, and from the door to the window, and kept looking back and forth. There is also a thin and short branch, but the bald old man wearing Lin Su just sits far away in the corner with his eyes closed and resting,silk cherry blossom tree, and he can’t see all over his body. Out of the slightest special place only a pair of ears, how can not see the pool of steel, but installed on the gray ears, I do not know what is cast. Qi’s. The old man in brocade robe walked across the table, picked up the note and said with a sneer, “What is this?”? An invitation? A debit note? With this piece of paper, He wanted to take away the most precious jade beauty of the four treasures in the capital. He pounded the table heavily and snapped, “Chu Liuxiang, Chu Liuxiang!”! What you also see 9 cities hero rather is too worthless. Jin Banhua grimaced and stammered, “But with the same paper, he has taken away many rare treasures.” If you say you want to take something away at midnight, no one can keep it until it is ugly. “Oh, really?” Said the man in black coldly. Jin Banhua sighed and said, artificial banyan trees ,Faux cherry blossom tree, “Last month, Qiu Xiaohou of Juanjianzi received a letter from him, saying that he would come to fetch the family heirloom of the Marquis.” In the Jiulong Cup, Xiao Hou not only locked the cup in the Chamber of Secrets, but also invited the masters of Daming Mansion to turn over the sky with their palms, Sparrow Crane and Plum Blossom Sword. Fang Huan two defense outside the door, can be said to be watertight defense, but after the time to open the door to see. Alas! Kowloon Cup or No more. The man in black sneered, “Old Wan is not a bird or a crane, and my vulture is not a square ring, not to mention..” He looked The bald old man took one look and said slowly, “There is also the elder British who is famous for thieves all over the world.”. If the three of us make it again. If you don’t live in Chu Liuxiang, there will be no one else in the world.
” The bald old man narrowed his eyes with a smile and said, “Brother Ximen, don’t play for the old man. Since the battle of Yuntai, the old man has failed.” “If a man who lives by his ears has his ears cut off, isn’t it like a beggar without a snake?” If someone else is so defeated that even his ears are cut off, not only will he never mention it, but someone will mention it, too. He wanted to draw his knife desperately, but he smiled and spoke as if he were very proud. The old man in brocade robe is the chief of the Wansheng Escort Agency in the capital, “Iron Palm Golden Dart” is invincible. At the moment, holding a long beard, he laughed and said: No one in Jianghu doesn’t know that the vulture’s ear power is unparalleled in the world. Although it was a small defeat in the battle of Yuntai, it was a blessing in disguise. Behind the ears of this pair of gods in white, the strength of their ears can only be better than before. The vulture shook his head and said with a smile, “I’m old and useless. If I hadn’t wanted to see the marshal of the robbers this time, I would have been wandering.” The young man of China will never come out of the political arena again. Jin Banhua suddenly said with a smile, “I’ve heard Jianghu people say that if you hear the sound of a person’s breathing, you can tell the difference.” Is she a man or a woman? How old is she? What is the identity? No matter who he is, as long as his breathing is heard in the ears of the British elder, just one. You can never run away in your life. No matter where he runs away, the British elder can catch up with him. The vulture’s eyes narrowed to a line and said with a smile, “There are always exaggerations in the rumors of Jianghu.” Hearing the faint sound of more drums in the evening breeze, the judge of life and death suddenly stood up and said, “It’s time.” Jin Banhua rushed to the corner and opened a fine brushwork picture of a woman. There was a secret door inside. He opened the secret door and saw the purple carving. The box was still inside. He breathed a sigh of relief. He turned his head and said with a smile, “I don’t want the three of you to be famous, but you really put Chu Liuxiang in it.” Too scared to come. The judge of life and death looked up and said with a smile, “Chu Liuxiang, so you are also a..” Suddenly hear one of the vultures “moaning” Lipton, the judge of life and death, laughed. Outside the window, a deep and attractive voice band laughed and said, "The Jade Beauty has paid her respects,artificial plant wall panels, Chu Liuxiang." Thank you very much. Ten thousand yuan of enemy arrows rushed to the window and shook it open, only to see a tall figure standing in the darkness in the distance, holding three in his hand. hacartificialtree.com

Exclusive Favor: Who Dares to Move the Black Young Wife

“Is it difficult for everyone to steal your wine and you have to get it back in this way?” Mo Xiangwan asked, puffing out his cheeks. If he dares to answer “yes”, she will send the wine to Fang Xing to drink! See if he wants to kiss Fang Xing’s mouth and get the wine back! Mo Xiangwan gritted his teeth and thought! “Only you!” Sak’s dark eyes are deep and bottomless. “You are special!” Originally thought that Sak would fool around with the answer, did not expect this man suddenly serious up, congealing her eyes, appears to be affectionate infinite, but let Mo Xiangwan unprepared. You, you, you.. Don’t mess around! Mo Xiangwan stammered a little, “to tell you the truth!”! I’m married in country C! Not just a married woman, but a mother of a child! My husband will never let you go if you mess with me again! A married woman? The mother of the child? Sak raised his eyebrows and smiled. “I don’t care!” Volume 4, Verse 895: Tastes Good! (4) The man stepped forward, pushed Mo Xiangwan to the wall, put his palm on the wall, and trapped her in it. “My little maid, do you know what these names mean to me?” Mo Xiangwan leaned his back against the cold wall and stared at Sak. Taboo! Amorous feelings! Sak perversely licked his lips, “I heard that a woman who has given birth to a child knows how to be a sexually happy woman!” Sak, relying on the poor language of C country, deliberately said “happiness” as “sexual happiness”, meaning, it is also an earth-shaking change! Mo Xiangwan’s whole body burned up. She deliberately said that she was a married woman and the mother of her child, just to test Sak, who knew that Sak did not take it seriously at all, but also had the cheek to say such words as “taboo” and “amorous feelings”! Hum! If he hadn’t been Kurosawa, if he hadn’t been her first man,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, could he have said that with confidence? “You don’t care that I care!” Mo Xiangwan covered his chest, a posture of guarding against sexual predators, “My body and mind only belong to my husband!”! If you dare to use force on me, I will die for you! Sak twisted his eyebrows. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll release last night’s video?” “What are you afraid of?” Mo Xiangwan rolled his eyes. “Besides, I’m dead. I can control so much!” Hey! When did this little woman learn to be a scoundrel? Sak has a headache. Mo Xiangwan is alive in his side, not to mention her invisible charming temptation to him, just her magnetic field, can really affect him, so that he does not want to rub this little thing into his bone marrow for a moment! But now Mo Xiangwan looks like a chaste woman, not to kiss, not to touch. Is it true to treat her as a little maid, can only look at, but can not eat? God, fake ficus tree ,silk olive tree, isn’t this going to suffocate him alive? Sak never thought that one day, Kurosawa would become his rival in love! Shit! He can’t tell Mo Xiangwan that he is Kurosawa Yao! Sak, this worry! Taking advantage of Sak’s relaxed vigilance, Mo Xiangwan went out from under the man’s arms, trotted a few steps, and made a face at Sak. God damn it! Won’t Mo Xiangwan already recognize himself as Kurosawa Yao? In Sak’s mind, the alarm went off. Just those words, should be Mo Xiangwan want to force him to admit that he is Kurosawa Yao, just deliberately said it? Sak’s head hurts even more when he thinks about it. So reasoning down, that is to say, Mo Xiangwan that meaning, if he does not admit that he is Kurosawa Yao, she will not give him touch? God damn it! To expose his identity for such a reason, Shen Qingshan and Hua Baiqing will laugh at him until they know the truth, right? When Sak was tormented by Mo Xiangwan, a silver ring on his left little finger suddenly flashed two blue lights. That ring is simple and plain, without any decoration, not even the LOGO that can mark the brand, so ordinary that it looks like the tail goods that can be seen everywhere on the stall.
The flash of blue light is also very weak, if not in the dark night, the average person is difficult to detect with the naked eye! Sak noticed the blue shimmer in time, mainly because the ring, while flashing, would emit a small vibration to remind the transmission of information. Seeing Mo Xiangwan enjoying his lunch happily, Sak quietly retreated from the kitchen and went to the study to make sure there was nothing unusual. Then he took out a small receiver from behind a hidden elephant God painting. Volume 4, Verse 896: Tastes Good! (5) Connect the receiver to the computer, and then log in to the secret server that even the black old man doesn’t know, and after a few seconds of buffering on the screen, the message from Shen Qingshan is displayed. In order to prevent Du Ye and Du Ziheng from inquiring about Sak’s contacts through communication equipment and digital products, Sak used a private satellite that was secretly launched to locate the server system when he was in charge of the underworld. There are only three people who know how the server information is transmitted: Shen Qingshan, Gu Zhengsheng, and Kurosawa Yao. Not even the peacock! Flower peacock does not know the reason, mainly attributed to Le goods in the design is absolutely first-class genius, but in science and technology, is an idiot. Out of security considerations, even if the peacock was so curious that he almost knelt down in front of Kurosawa Yao to ask for clearance, Kurosawa Yao did not give the password! At this point, the black screen shows a line of small print: mother and daughter are safe. Sak laughed immediately. Originally, this is Shen Qingshan to report good news! The night before last he left the small attic, then returned here, with Shen Qingshan they contact, discuss how to get Mo Xiangwan to his side. What made him laugh and cry was that the three men patted their chests one by one and said they would come to Thailand to help him. As a result,decorative palm trees, they all went to play mahjong together. As soon as he entered the server, the three men greeted him warmly, saying that one of the three was missing! Sak really has the impulse to shoot at the mahjong table with a submachine gun. hacartificialtree.com

Phoenix song by Xuan'er's decadent sound

“Mo Xi, I’m sorry.” He apologized. “I don’t know what happened to me.”. I I don’t want.. He did not go on, but slowly pulled up his skirt and sat on the edge of the bed. “If you really like Master Wei, you can stay with him and stop being self-willed.” There was no ray of light in his dark eyes. “If you’re in trouble in the future, come to Ningbi Palace to find me, as long as..” If I had been here then.. He picked up Lin Moxi’s hand on his back and held it for a moment, but he still let it go and stood up. But the person behind him hugged his waist tightly. “Ah Chi, Ah Chi, don’t go. That’s all a lie!” The man behind him said. Feng Zhi pulled his arm, but did not break away, "Mo Xi,4k smart board, don’t do this, don’t feel guilty." Before he had finished a sentence, he had already been pulled down on the bed. The man held him firmly, as if he was afraid that he would never see him again. He shouted in his ear, “I hate you most!” The man leaned against his back tightly,interactive panel board, as if to stun his ears. “Why don’t you stop me? If I want to go, you can hold me. If I don’t like it, you can force me to like it!”! Why didn’t you even fight for it? Why are you so eager to let me out, and.. Say something like, ‘If it was still there then’.. The words have been choked up in the back. Feng Zhi slowly turned around, but the man always hid his face behind him until he was caught and could not escape. He slowly held up Lin Moxi’s face. There were tears on his face, and he looked at himself bitterly. “Mo Xi..” Feng Chih was somewhat speechless. “Are you.. after all?” “I like you so much that you can’t even feel it?” Lin Mo-hsi was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. "Just because of Wei Ching-lian’s nonsense and the fact that I’ve fallen in love with him, do you want me to be with him? Are you willing or not? They’re fine with that Chin-niang. Why should I go over there and join in the fun? “You like me..” Feng Chi couldn’t hear anything else, 75 inch smart board ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and it was this sentence back and forth in her mind, “You like me.” You like me.. He repeated the incantation. “Yes, I like you. I like you so much that I want to bite you.” Sure enough, he took a bite and said, “You know you’re not dreaming.” He bit on Feng Zhi’s arm, but was suddenly hugged in such a position, Feng Zhi’s arm tightened, strangling him almost breathless. In his arms, Lin Moxi gradually calmed down and slowly put his head on his shoulder socket. “I like you. That’s why I’m jealous of people who like you. That’s why I’m deliberately angry with you. I want you to be angry, too. Being angry means you believe me.” Lin Mo-hsi gave a wry smile. “Ah Chi, I know. In fact, you haven’t believed me all the time. Although you promised to give me a chance that time, you still had doubts. You were afraid that I had other purposes and that I would leave again one day. So..” That’s why you’re so careful.. Feng Chi’s body trembled slightly, and Lin Mo-hsi stroked his long hair. “I know, I know.”. So you never get angry. No matter how much nonsense I make, you always put up with it. But I will be sad to see you like this. So When you did that to me, I actually.. I am happy. Feng Chi slowly pushed Lin Mo-hsi’s shoulder away and looked at his face. The man’s face was already red, but he still looked at him and said, “Ah Chi, will you believe me?” Feng Zhi smiled slowly, and the ice and snow melted. Reach over and kiss the man on the lips. Lin Mo-hsi smiled, closed his eyes and said, “Ah Chi, I like you.” Feng Chih’s voice disappeared between their lips. “Me too.” The End of Jiangnan Travel Postscript: Go against the current By decadent sound It’s time for the postscript again. I should have written it with Xuaner, but she was lazy, so the task fell on me. This is the first time that Xuaner and I have published a book in Beile. Thank you very much to the editors and publishers. Seeing one’s own words turn into type, that kind of mood is really not a happy one that can be said clearly. In fact,smart interactive whiteboard, for me, this is the second time to write a book with others, but the only two collaborations are very pleasant. hsdsmartboard.com

Leisurely I Author: Sha Ye

“It’s fun.” The sound of blue and white floated down. That’s all for today-if you’re still alive, play with me next time! There was laughter in the air, and soon she was gone. Hateful Feng Rui roared into the sky and started to chase, but a red figure appeared behind him. Don’t chase. Huo Hong turned into a man they knew well, Jiang Fan. Boss! Jane, he. When Feng Rui saw Jiang Fan, he felt saved for the first time. He pulled Jiang Fan’s coat and couldn’t wait to tell him what had just happened. Jiang Fan picked up Shuzhen, who was still red-faced, from the water, touched his forehead and said softly, “It’s all right.” “Mmm.” Shuzhen smiled happily, and he snuggled in Jiang Fan’s arms and slowly closed his eyes. At the moment, Xiao Wei and Jiang Wei also leaned over to see the situation of Shu Zhen. In fact, the situation was already very bad. Shuzhen’s face turned from red to pale when he fell asleep. Her body became colder and colder, and her spiritual power kept passing away. What’s going on? What’s wrong with Shuzhen? Feng Rui looked at Xiao Wei and everyone with a bad face and felt that Shuzhen was in danger this time. Don’t worry Jiang Fan said that at the same time he was thinking about one thing. Ture Feng Rui asked. Don’t lie to me. Is he seriously ill? In fact, it is an ancient curse,silk ficus tree, which puts the resentment of the dead into the human body. In ancient times, there was almost no cure, and people would be tortured by the spirit of resentment until the moment of death. Legend has it that Shennong also died of this curse. But for now, it’s not that there’s no way out, and now they have a specific medicine here. Jiang Fan looked at Yiran, “please.” Jiang Fan said. He was suddenly so polite and serious that he couldn’t get used to it. In fact,faux ficus tree, they had arrived a long time ago, but Jiang Fan did not enter the battle situation. Blue and white is very powerful. Yiran said he felt that if they were serious, the children might be in danger. No way ah, “Jiang Fan helpless,” nine tails to see me will be more excited. She’s really going to kill herself. “Ah, what is your relationship with her?” He asked, frowning leisurely. Heaven and earth, conscience, I have nothing to do with her! Jiang Fan answered. Then why is she looking for you? Leisurely doesn’t believe it at all. I don’t know. “Really?” Jiang Fan thought for a long time. “Actually, I always thought she looked familiar-I thought she looked like my father’s girlfriend, but the breath was different.”. Ah, do you think she could be my sister? Angry at me because I didn’t know she existed? “You can really find a piece of tofu to hit.” And now this situation, silk ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, the entire waiting room was first cut several holes by the wind blade, and then cut into pieces by the water silk, becoming fragmented, the sky is still under a thin rain, tens of thousands of people outside the waiting room witnessed these exaggerated images stunned. But all this is not over, Shuzhen’s curse has not been removed. The leisurely hand turned into a silver sword, holding the sharp blade in his hand, took a breath and let his hand slide on the edge. Red blood clings to the silver sword. Hold on. Leisurely licked the mouth of his palm, in front of them are rapidly healing. Regardless of these, leisurely raised the sword is to hold Shuzhen Jiang Fan cut! “Ah!” Feng Rui exclaimed, but only saw the silver sword decisively penetrated Shuzhen and Jiang Fan’s body, cutting the black material away from Shuzhen’s body! Then, leisurely draw out a spell, seal the black spirit of resentment among them, but let Jiang Fan burn and purify. Everything is neat and neat, not sloppy at all. Then leisurely looked at Shuzhen in Jiang Fan’s arms, his breathing gradually returned to calm, his expression became soft, there was no big problem, the rest of Shuzhen had a good sleep, natural recovery of spiritual and physical strength can be. Jiang Fan breathed a sigh of relief at the moment. He bowed his head and said to the leisurely man who was still on one side: “Thanks for your hard work.” His voice was slightly low and hoarse, and it seemed that he was far more worried than he showed. My brother is always sharp-tongued and tender-hearted. Someone’s words suddenly sounded in my mind, and I couldn’t help chuckling. And looking at the leisurely, Jiang Fanxin moved slightly, “leisurely.” He called to him.
“Huh?” Was called back to God leisurely and strange look up, but is good on the lips of Jiang Fan’s imprint. My mind was blank, and everything around me was quiet. Apart from Shuzhen in the coma and Jiang Fan who did not care about the smile, almost everyone had seen the purple breath around the leisurely body. You impenitent fellow — — Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, which has been destroyed, is now facing another serious re-trauma! Chapter 39 Later, relax in the hotel’s spacious marble jacuzzi and relax your overworked body. At the thought of the day when he was still very angry, his first kiss (in fact, all aspects are not …) His “pure and pure” body was defiled by that bastard man! The bastard even took Shuzhen in a coma as a shield, which made the hammer stop in the air, and then Xiaowei and Jiang Wei jointly trapped the leisurely in the rage, and Jiang Wei’s ability to seal the demon could hardly seal the rage of the leisurely. Ah, how innocent! Feng Rui said. Who is innocent? Yiran also vented his anger on him. I was just’chirped ‘by the boss. Do you need to be so excited? Feng Rui said. As soon as the leisurely heart tightens,outdoor ficus tree, the feeling that the gas can not come out makes him more depressed. Originally everyone thought that things could finally calm down, Jiang Fan also felt when Feng Rui became so sensible and moved to cry, Feng Rui then added another sentence: "The boss has been to a lot of people. It’s no big deal!" 。 hacartificialtree.com

All-round talent (thunderstorm)

“It’s me.” Fu Tianhao grinned. How do you attack my people? Maureen said angrily. The man who attacked you? It’s the talent of Dacivia, right? I came to get my things back. Fu Tianhao said without looking back. Your stuff? Yes, what is it? Maureen wondered. This truck, and the ammunition in the back of the truck. Fu Tianhao patted the truck and said angrily. This is my father’s. Maureen argued. Anyway, this truck is mine now. Get out of the truck. Fu Tianhao glanced at Morin and prepared to drive him out of the car, but the next moment, the idea was taken back by Fu Tianhao. It seems that they will be blocked by Gaddafi’s people when they go out of the city gate of Tutulamis. Although these people are Gaddafi’s, according to Libya’s tribal system, I’m afraid these people are more loyal to Dachivia. This Maureen, they can’t not know, wouldn’t it be better to take her with them? Well, don’t let her go. Just as Morin was about to get off, Fu Tianhao pulled Morin back. What are you doing? “Maureen seemed to notice something was wrong and slapped Fu Tianhao.” You escort me outside the city gate first, and then I’ll let you go. Fu Tianhao said lightly, and then regardless of Maureen’s struggle. Morin saw that Fu Tianhao did not pay attention to herself, and she could not leave immediately, and could not help screaming. More noise? If I make any more noise, I’ll attack my chest. Fu Tianhao deliberately sneered,fake ficus tree, and then extended his right hand to Morin. Maureen closed his mouth in horror at the moment. Then shook his head, do not know is to let Fu Tianhao do not touch over, or tell Fu Tianhao, he did not fight. That’s right, Fu Tianhao turned his head. When dealing with women, we should be ruthless. No,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, we should be lustful to see if they don’t surrender. After Fu Tianhao drove the truck out of the warehouse, immediately the back of the truck was attacked by a burst of training guards, where did Fu Tianhao manage them? Just drive straight away. Fu Tianhao was not in a hurry to drive the truck out of the city gate of Tutulamis, but to the location of the hotel. In any case, we still have to pick up Zhang Jie and Fatty Fang in the winter, otherwise, the two of them alone, I am afraid it is difficult to survive here. In order not to attract attention, Fu Tianhao specially parked the truck in the distance of the hotel, and then found a cloth to tie Maureen behind her back, and even threatened Maureen that if she had the idea of running away, she would be killed. Arab women are more conservative than their own women, and Fu Tianhao’s threat is more effective than anything else. Fu Tianhao came to the door of the hotel. It was already two o’clock in the morning. The hotel only left a small door for guests to enter and exit. Fu Tianhao went to the second floor and knocked on the door of Zhang Jie and Fatty Fang in winter. What’s wrong Zhang Jie asked doubtfully. Put on your clothes and take your luggage. We need to leave immediately. Fu Tianhao simply said and went to the door of the fat man’s house in winter. What’s wrong The fat man asked with a smile in winter. Meet downstairs in three minutes and leave. Fu Tianhao said coldly and then turned to go downstairs, artificial coconut palm trees ,outdoor ficus tree, for the fat side of the winter, Fu Tianhao can not have a good impression, but in line with the spirit of helping people abroad, or with the fat side of the winter. Fu Tianhao returned to the truck, and sure enough, Morin did not leave, not even fighting. Watching Fu Tianhao come back, he also deliberately moved himself, saying that he did not fight for it. Fu Tianhao nodded approvingly. Then he looked at Zhang Jie and Fatty Fang Dongdong who were coming towards him. What Fu Tianhao did not notice was that the way Morin looked at him seemed to have a different color. This is Zhang Jie asked Fu Tianhao doubtfully. Darby wants the ammunition. After Fu Tianhao’s simple answer, he let Zhang Jie sit up. As for Fatty Fang in winter? The seats are full at the moment, where can he be a fat man? “Go and squeeze in the back.” Fu Tianhao casually left the fat man behind the car in the winter. Although Fang Winter is not very willing, but also did not say much, very good to go to the back of the truck. As for Zhang Jie, also did not say anything for the fat side in the winter, Zhang Jie is also very interesting, at the moment this car has already been full, where is the gap for the fat side in the winter to sit down? After all the people arrived, Fu Tianhao drove the truck to the city gate of Tutulamis. It was two o’clock in the morning, and the city gate was already half closed.
Fu Tianhao’s truck is bound to attract the attention of Gaddafi’s subordinates. Chapter 274 the plot of Maureen. “Boss, wake up.” The guard who was spared by Fu Tianhao shook Dachivia. Dacivia’s closed eyes opened slightly after she had been shaken for a moment. Have to say, Fu Tianhao or show mercy, or Dachivia’s constitution is too good, life is big. Only after being stunned for an hour, he was shaken awake by the guards. “Not good,” Dacivia cried, and then jumped up. “To the warehouse.” When Dachivia came to the warehouse, Fu Tianhao just drove the car out of the warehouse, intertwined with Dachivia’s line of sight. Fu Tianhao watch car of course did not notice Dachivia, Dachivia is angry at the moment looking at Fu Tianhao, and then picked up the phone to inform the people of the city gate, in any case can not let go of a truck. But what Dachivia didn’t expect was that his daughter Maureen was also taken out by Dachivia. At this moment, Fu Tianhao took Zhang Jie and Fatty Fang Winter and drove the truck to the city gate. The city gate closed part of the gate at the moment, and Fu Tianhao’s truck could not pass at all. Sure enough, he was stopped, and Fu Tianhao knew that it was not easy to pass here in the middle of the night. In addition, the city of Tutulami banned cars, so the cars outside were not easy to get in, and the cars inside were naturally not easy to get out. In fact, had it not been for Dachivia’s order not to allow a car to leave the city, Fu Tianhao’s truck would not have been stopped. Who cares if you leave the city? Your car leaving the city will not bring them any damage. What do you do? Fu Tianhao’s car stopped at the city gate,large palm trees for sale, and a gate guard shouted at random, “It’s still out of the city in the middle of the night.” “Big brother, let me go. I’m from Dachivia.” Fu Tianhao stretched out his neck and laughed. Boss Via’s men? The other side was obviously lost in thought by this sentence. hacartificialtree.com